Fashion Design

What is Fashion Design?

What is Fashion Design?

Fashion Design is a type of art devoted to the creation of apparel and other lifestyle accessories. Two basic categories are categorized into contemporary fashion design: haute couture and ready-to-wear. The collection of haute couture is dedicated to some clients and is tailored to suit these clients precisely. In order to qualify as an haute couture studio, a designer must be part of the Haute Couture Syndical Chamber and deliver a new collection twice a year, each time offering a minimum of 35 different outfits.

Standard sizes, not custom made, are ready-to-wear collections, so they are more suited for large production runs. They are also classified into two classifications: designer/creator and Collections and confectionery. In addition to a distinctive style, designer collections have a higher quality and finish. They also reflect a certain ideology and are made not for sale, but to make a point. The international catwalks show both ready-to-wear and haute-couture collections.

Who invented it?

Charles Frederick Worth

Charles Frederick Worth, in the 19th century, was the first Fashion Designer who was more than a mere seamster. Clothing was made by anonymous dressmakers before he founded his Fashion Design house in Paris, and fashion norms were derived from the styles worn by royalty. Instead of meeting their demands, Worth was the first designer to really dictate to his clients what to wear.

His Fashion house became so popular that when they learned they were from the House of Worth, individuals were able to put a face and a name to designs. This was the beginning of the trend of making a house designer make not only garments but also represent the brand’s symbol.

Scope of Fashion Designing:

A career in Fashion Design is seen as financially lucrative and has become very popular with creative-minded individuals. It is generally seen as a field full of glamour, but the field is often full of very strong rivalry and immense challenges. There is, however, a wide variety of fashion styles in India and abroad. Students of fashion design enjoy many options once they complete their advanced studies in fashion design.

  • There are several choices for fashion designers in the 21st century, including science, design, garment production and textile design, etc.
  • There is also a huge range of fashion design in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and in the world.
  • After the completion of their studies, they are free to enter garment manufacturing firms, fashion houses, export units, etc.
    Not only is the spectrum of fashion technology restricted to garments. This includes many other items, such as jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, etc.

Fashion designing aspirants can opt for a variety of professions and the most popular among them are as follows:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Merchandise

What Does It Take To Be A Fashion Designer?

A type of art in Fashion Design. You should have an artistic and imaginative personality in order to work as a designer. In painting, you will have to be strong and able to show your thoughts in sketches. You don’t really have to be a great artist, but you must be able to blend colors, tones, and shades with some unique skills. In an innovative and original way, you will have to be able to deal with fabric and use textiles. Fashion designers have a strong visual imagination and are able to think and bring their designs into garments in three dimensions.

Fashion Designers have to be mindful of the specifications of the fashion industry. They must be very interested in learning new things and reading magazines, newspapers and magazines and books on the history of fashion design and current trends. They also have to be interested in art, visit art galleries and, if they have the chance, connect with all kinds of artists. Also, a designer should have some tailoring skills and experience (cutting, draping, sewing, etc.) and be able to tell the difference between various levels of quality of the fabric.

In Fashion Design, a clear understanding of the lifestyle and consumer needs of the audience and requirements is also needed. Designers should have strong listening abilities and should be able to clearly communicate their ideas. Most importantly, though, they have to be very fresh and have new, creative ideas.

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