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As a Fashion Blogger, how to make it?

As a Fashion Blogger, how to make it?

The good news is, the simplest part is to get started. It’s working out how your blog will really grow and create a loyal following that will eventually distinguish the want tobes from the success stories. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. In a market that is as overcrowded and wild as Fashion Blogger (and blogging in general), in this crazy cutthroat market, merely getting love for fashion won’t cut it. Woman, you’ve got to be able to put in the time and really work for it. We turned to two top style bloggers for their expert advice on how to start a Fashion Blog, to see what it takes.

Investing in Yourself

In order to make money, you have to invest money and Fashion Blogging is no different. Fortunately, getting started doesn’t demand that your savings account be wiped completely. However, says Los Angeles-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Alyssa Campanella of The A-List, you’ll want to invest in good lenses and camera equipment. She says Fashion Blogger is one of the biggest ways you can engage with your readers is through your photos.” People would not take you seriously if the lighting is poor and the images are fuzzy, far less take the time to read what you have to say. Although it is not a must to pay for a custom-designed website upfront, you can buy your own domain name (a minimum of expense) and pick a clean layout that won’t confuse readers and is easy on the eyes.

Doing your homework

Awareness is power and keeping up with the latest trends is a must for Bloggers, and what’s happening in the world of style is a must. Not only in your country but abroad, Campanella recommends reading Fashion Blogger magazines as well. I’m looking forward to British Vogue and British Marie Claire. “Despite living in the U.S. every month,” she says. For your theme, start using Pinterest as a mood board, too. It is important to collect pins that are inspiring to you and your sense of style.

Treat it as a Business

You’ll have to treat the blog the same way you would any other business, assuming that your ultimate aim is to turn your love of style into your full-time work. Fashion Blogger, as Campanella points out, Blogging is incredibly fun, however, it’s also extremely hard work. “There’s a lot involved when running a blog because you’re essentially running a business and a brand of yourself,” she notes. “Like everything else, there are good days and bad days, but never, ever give up!”

Be Patient and Passionate

Overnight tales of success are few and far between. Many people think it’s easy to start a fashion blog and that instantly you’ll become a street-style star. However, it takes a lot of work,’ warns Campanella. I’ve seen some people firsthand who started Fashion Blogger purely for the intent of being ‘Instagram popular’ or having a bunch of free clothes and accessories, and none of them are still blogging because of that misconception.” The harder you work, the more your readers and others will notice and admire you for your dedication, the more you pour your heart into the blog.”

Discover Your Voice

Doesn’t be a copycat “Have your own voice and your own style,” Ali Levine, host of Celebrity Styling with Ali Levine on Own Zones, advises the celebrity stylist and Fashion Blogger. Give new things to people to look at and get excited about and make sure they are stuff that you’re excited about, too. Being real is so important,’ she says.

Collaborate, associate and collaborate

It’s one of the most productive ways to get some publicity and grow your audience if you choose the right people. Levine recommends finding like-minded people with common interests to your brand to partner with (think writers, artists, etc.). Pitch thoughts that are mutually helpful and that everyone is bound to bite.

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Last but not least, you can’t have a fashion blog without an active social media presence. As Campanella confirms, a good majority of your readers will probably initiate from social media, whether it be Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. “Even if you don’t have any scheduled Fashion Blogger posts, keep your followers interested by posting throwback style pics or another pic from one of your latest blog posts,” she advises.

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