Why Fashion Designing is a Good Career?

Why Fashion Designing is the Best Career? The study of Fashion allows students to gain knowledge about fashion trends, sketching, select colors, fabrics and styles, designs, apparel, and accessories. … If you are creative, imaginative, innovative, and stylish then Fashion Designing is the best career option for you. To be […]

Fashion Industry

What are the Key Sectors Of Fashion Industry ?

What is the Fashion Industry? The Fashion Industry is a multi-billion-dollar multinational organization committed to producing and selling clothing. Some people differentiate between the fashion industry (which produces “high fashion”) and the garment industry (which produces ordinary clothing or “mass fashion”), but the distinctions between […]

Fashion Design

What is Fashion Design?

What is Fashion Design? Fashion Design is a type of art devoted to the creation of apparel and other lifestyle accessories. Two basic categories are categorized into contemporary fashion design: haute couture and ready-to-wear. The collection of haute couture is dedicated to some clients and […]

Fashion Designing

What is Fashion Designing?

What is Fashion Designing? Fashion Designing is a humanities specialization that covers the wide range of fabrics, styles, patterns, colors, and trends that define a specific era’s fashion. Not only is it limited to clothes and trends, but it also covers the field of accessories, […]